What is BS3998?

BS3998 is the British Standard for Tree Work – Recommendations. The latest version was published in 2010 and details how tree surgery works and stump management should be carried out.

What is BS3998 - BS3998 is the British Standard for Tree WorkFor the sake of your trees, only ever use a tree surgeon who works to BS3998. BS3998 is very comprehensive and covers the management of trees and overgrown hedges, taking into consideration the soil, growing environment and the needs of adjacent trees.

Areas covered by the British Standard BS3998

  • Considerations to be taken into account when preparing a specification for tree surgery works
  • Safety and management of the site to minimise risks to people both by tools and equipment and the tree itself, as well as potential risks to the wellbeing of the tree imposed by the work
  • Biosecurity to prevent pests and diseases being transferred from one tree to another
  • Timing of the works for the benefit of the tree and its rooting environment, taking weather conditions and health and safety factors into consideration
  • Protection of wildlife and its habitat
  • Management of the tree’s rooting environment, including mulching, aeration and decompaction, removal and replacement of soil, irrigation and drainage and nutrient deficiencies
  • Pruning, including formative pruning, crown thinning, crown lifting, crown reduction, selective pruning and pruning around electricity wires and over roads, footpaths and water courses, considering the timing of works, environmental, seasonal and age related factors, where and how much to prune, where to make the final cut and follow up works
  • Management of deadwood
  • Pollarding
  • Management of hedges and climbing plants
  • Treatment of bark wounds, exudation, canker and injuries to roots
  • Management of decay, cavities and water pockets
  • Using support systems to manage weak structures
  • Tree felling
  • Stump management
  • Management of arisings

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