Tree Stump Grinding Service

Tree Stump Grinding Service – Midlands

We operate a large Vermeer tracked SX60 Stump Grinder for grinding out any size of tree stump where access for a larger machine is not possible. our tree stump grinding service in The Midlands is suitable for all commercial requirements.

Our Rayco RG1635 tracked stump grinder in operation:

Tree Stump Removal Service – Midlands

From a single stump to a large site clearance project we have scaleable plant to ensure no matter what tree stump removal service you require, we are the people to call.


Tree Stump Mulching Service

On most commercial development sites we offer the Grub and Mulch service, involving grubbing out the stumps along with side roots , windrowing them and then mulching them to a rough mulch using a large Forestry Mulcher


Forestry Mulcher Hire in the Midlands

We offer 5 different Forestry Mulchers for hire in the Midlands , Southern and Eastern Regions.

 Forestry Mulcher Hire in The Midlands - works with our stump grinding service Midlands