Arboricultural Consultants

At Midland Tree Surgeons, we offer a range of professional arboricultural consultancy services.

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We have experience of working with anyone who needs tree consultancy in The Midlands, from architects, planners, developers and landscape architects to estate and farm managers and property owners. As with all the work we do, our consultant will discuss your requirements with you and advise on the appropriate level of consultancy you require to meet your needs before preparing a written, no obligation quotation. Every tree is unique, so every piece of consultancy we undertake is a one off, however we base our reports on a number of common formats.

Tree Health and Condition Surveys

Whether you are a private individual or a commercial organisation, under the Occupiers’ Liability Act you have a duty of care to make sure that your trees are safe and do not pose a danger to people or property.

We will usually inspect the trees from ground level, however we can climb them if necessary as our consultant is also a qualified climbing arborist. As part of the tree health and condition survey, we will record the species, dimensions and life stage, before assessing the tree’s structural and physiological condition and identifying the presence of disease or defects. Finally, we will prepare a detailed specification of recommended tree surgery works.

Our report will enable you to identify management priorities and obtain like for like quotations from tree surgeons, preferably Arboricultural Association Approved Contractors.

Decay Detection

Just because you can’t see any decay or cavities doesn’t mean there aren’t any. If we suspect that a tree may have internal decay, cracks or cavities, we can use our Resistograph decay detecting drill to determine their presence and inform our recommendations for remedial tree surgery works.

Using a very fine needle, the tree is drilled at a constant speed and the resistance to drilling is measured. From the readout, the arboricultural consultant is able to determine the structural integrity of the tree. As the drilling needle is so fine, there is minimal damage to the tree as you would expect from a professional tree consultancy!

Arboricultural Surveys

We are happy to undertake small and large scale tree surveys, whether you have a single tree you’re worried about in your rear garden or you manage the tree stock in a large park, farm or estate.

For large properties, estates or farms, we can prepare an inventory of the tree stock and develop a long term management plan to keep the trees healthy for future generations.

If your insurance company or mortgage company requests an independent assessment of the trees at your property or at a property you’d like to buy, we can inspect the trees and prepare a report, paying particular attention to those that are liable to cause future damage to the property, are dangerous or defective or are liable to cause subsidence.

Pre-development Tree Surveys

As a professional tree consultancy in The Midlands, we are experienced in carrying out pre-development tree surveys to BS5837 to accompany planning applications or inform design layouts.

Our pre-development tree survey will be accompanied by a marked up copy of your topographical drawing to enable you to prepare the tree constraints plan. However, we can arrange the preparation of the CAD tree constraints plan drawing for you if required, as we do not have in-house CAD facilities.

Arboricultural Method Statements

Working to BS5837 and often to discharge planning conditions, we can prepare an arboricultural method statement detailing arboricultural information and constraints to inform demolition or construction contractors on the methods of working required to minimise damage to retained trees and maximise their future value.

Arboricultural Implications Assessments

Working to BS5837, we will undertake a detailed study of the development proposals to identify, evaluate and, if appropriate, mitigate the direct and indirect impact of the proposals on existing trees.

Tree Protection Plans

In accordance with BS5837, the tree protection plan often forms part of the arboricultural implications assessment. On this document, we will present the tree protection measures that must be implemented in detail, shown to scale alongside the finalised layout proposals.